Friday, September 21, 2018

How does it work?

I've been in the midst of the worst things in humanity. The perspective I have is that it as get to witness it, it is wonderful because it gets to be healed and resolved. I do not look at the thoughts, feelings, or past as definitive of who someone is, but what they are letting go of.
So, you feel peace with me because I do not judge it, I am excited to see it be resolved and that we were able to find and reveal it!

I am happy to see what you have song so much of your life trying to hide. I am not turned off by your vulnerability. I am humbled and honored to see it as God's beauty and Grace freeing you from a limitation.

How "it" works: I receive The Lord's guidance every step of the way, how it would help you the most. Usually putting the bowls on your body and playing them which will reveal and pinpoint what is best to work on at that moment. I hold space and guide you into letting it go by asking you for permission to either remove a trauma or bring forth an aspect of God's energy that your cells have been rejecting and calling foreign such as peace, unconditional love, joy, how to live without trauma, knowing what it feels like to love yourself, working on what God needs you to understand about being worthy of God's love, etc..

But each session is unique as the when words and unfoldment that will impact you the most. Maybe I will need you to energy test statements so you can witness them change throughout the session. Maybe we will need to trace your meridians. Maybe I will see things that have happened in your past, childhood, or past life/ ancestors that is deeply creating undesirable patterns you've been living out. Maybe I will guide you into creating new patterns. Maybe I need to cover my hands over a certain place on your body, or maybe run ACCESS BARS by gently touching certain places on your skull. There are so many ways and even new ways God can and will touch you.

Over the phone and distance healing is very visual and people have felt and seen energy in ways they have never even come close to on a phone session. We've cleared dark energy and associations. We've removed curses. We've brought back fragments of their souls! God has helped people let go of toxic relationships. God has ignited forgiveness, compassion, acceptance. God answers your prayers, but usually deeper than what you thought was what you needed or wanted.

Many people worry their negativity or pain would hurt me during a session. I do not take it on or even take it out. It is not I, but 'Our Father In Heaven'- the great I Am - the Divine Master who embodies all of us.. who does all of the work. I can do or give nothing of myself, it is not me that you are needing. It is the Space and the Matter, the Infinite which can fill, fulfil, redeem and restore you. So I am never hurt, in fact it is a gift to be apart of the wonderful workings of Christ and be healed by it too. So, thank you, for letting me.

I've spent the last 10 years of my life witnessing/ facilitating healing for myself and others. Building my own faith and somewhat of an understanding through so many different modalities, so that my faith and connection can be strong enough for both of us. Healing and transformation of God doesn't need you to understand or even believe. But you will certainly notice a change! And that is so fun!

But don't just take my perspective, here are the words of many that have received:

Glory to God the Highest!

Pure Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny

A description given from a client who received many phone sessions: 

-Anne-Marie Kearney (Mar. 2016) Tampa, FL.

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