Thursday, October 26, 2017

When to forgive and When to move on

Forgiveness is not approval. Forgiveness is from within you. Accepting what was done to you, without rehashing, ruminanting, or seeking revenge. 

Allow justice to be served and for people to learn from consequences. 

Yet, without judging them and "damning" them as that forever in your mind. 

Accepting and letting go then, means to accept what was done to you and allow yourself and others to be fully present in a moment where that is no longer in your existence. Live in the now so you can feel the good that is available despite the past.

It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe. Walk away from abuse without judging yourself as rude. Set boundaries and consequences when people cross them. 
Move on from a relationship when the person does not make amends or attempt to meet your needs for safety, respect, & equality.  
Demand people go without controlling you, lying to you, stealing, keeping you against your will, forcing you against your will, or going beyond your set boundaries intentionally without taking in what you asked for. 
Forgiveness doesn't mean to let harmful people stay in your life. 

Treat yourself lovingly by surrounding yourself with those who treat you with love.

Move on from people who do not care enough about you to stop doing to you what you have told them hurts you.

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Life differs equally

Lift your hearts and your mind all your gifts to the world.

You don't have to fight to be alive you don't have to kill another in order to survive.

We love you Just As You Are. You have something beautiful to give the world.

Life supports life.

What is inside of you is inside of every living thing. No more special but no less special.

You, I and we are all miracles. The paths that connect us are an integral part of keeping life alive.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Contrast fades in the Clouds

I feel like humanity has always looked to the sky to explain God.

The clouds are light and yet fully of mystery and depth.

Something we can't touch or control.
It can be so wildly beautiful or bring destruction.

But not everything is so black and white.
And we have the power inside of us to perceive the Good which is the God in everything and everyone.

Lord, here I am.

Contrast fades in the Clouds and the veil is lifted.

Duality dies.

Lord, here I am.

- Kristen Tenpenny

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Meditation can be fun..!?? Yes!

Meditation is the practice of being fully present to the now moment. In the now moment we find so much freedom from holding on to the past longer than necessary and worrying about the future which may not even arrive, and most definitely not in the way we think!

In meditation we are able to feel deeply, and tap into all of our senses as we explore our surrounding while also realizing thoughts, habits, patterns, and addictions need not have any hold over us! We can choose to follow the pull of a thought or pattern rather than following it blindly as if that is Who we Are. We are actually much more simple and pure than our thinking allows for us to see..

It is a practice. And what I speak of is elusive unless it is practiced by You!

So I am here to tell you, as a reiki master, energy healer, meditation teacher, and so on.. out abilities to meditate, heal ourselves and each other, and be fully present are the same! Connecting with Life, Love, and fullness is our nature!

Although, having a focused time and intention for yourself to connect to God/Holy Spirit/ your pure soul is perfect.. and so loving for you. It doesn't HAVE to look like crossing your legs and closing your eyes.. meditation is being mindful and aware in as many given moments as you have.

Feel how good it feels to eat an orange without thinking about the next bite, but savoring every smell, taste, burst of liquid.. meditation can be to savor your life.

And it is so much easier than you think! Breathe. Walk. Smell. Be here now. Again and again. Just be here now.

I am sending you so much love and hope to connect via phone one on one sessions, workshops, or meditation retreats!

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny

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Guardian Angels

Although I know Truth and Beliefs can be subjective and is a very personal/evolving  journey, I really enjoy believing in Angels and Higher Spiritual Guides. Many years ago before I was confident in my spiritual gifts and ability to connect for myself I asked for clarity about Who my guardian angel is from a trusted clairvoyant Ty Gayton.. she asked me to close my eyes as she saw Jesus surrounding and guiding me. They helped me to see an image of a blue winged creature. At first I thought it was a blue butterfly but I never saw a blue butterfly come to me in my waking. Suddenly when I was feeding a baby I was nannying I saw a blue bird land right beside the glass door and gaze at me. I felt a rush of sensation (warmth, tingling and overwhelming clarity and comfort) and my heart opening. I felt like the way people describe dying and getting memories flash in an instant before them.. but it was the hundreds of times I've been walking alone and saw a blue bird land beside me and said, "Hi blue bird!" In that moment I knew my guardian angel has been with me every step of my way, through everything and most easily appears to me through a blue bird! Overwhelmed with gratitude and connection I always known am on the right path and am protected and guided when I see a blue bird. And of course! I say Hi. :)

I tell you this, because I had a beautiful experience on one of my most recent phone sessions. I asked that both mine and the person having the session with, for our guides and angels to be with us during the session. I was sitting in a vehicle outside and so was she, as we went through the profound healings they had for her.

One impactful moment after I had seen many blue birds fly right in front of the windshield, I saw a cardinal do the same, then I looked in my Sideview mirror and saw a bright red cardinal looking at me through the mirror as it flew directly toward the mirror and it's reflection intensely gazed at me while flying. I was  flabbergasted and it flew to and landed on the nearest branch to me in the tree I was parked right next to. It looked at me in the eyes for a whole longer, now perched as it most definitely got my attention! While it flew by I felt a wind flutter in my left ear even though my window was up. It got it's message in! Next, I told her what happened and asked her if Cardinals were one of her guides and she joyously said Yes! That the most amazing things and miracles happen when they come to her.. and in the moment she revealed she was parked outside of the water and just saw a Dolphin!
Many of these things can be missed but I have so many stories like this and they deeply touch and move me to surrender, awe, and gratitude.

I encourage you to ask God, your higher self, the Universe to reveal your beloved guardian angel and allow yourself to be open to seeing what you may have been missing all of your life.

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny

Client urgency: Kristen Tenpenny Theta Healer/ Reiki Master/ Yoga Teacher/ Ordained Minister

Client urgency

It's a Divine day to rest! I pray that you soak in every thing you need for a restful, yet joyful existence today and all days after!

 I had a client call me to tell me he urgently needed a session and I was the one he needed. He has been diving into all things energy and spiritual for well over 30 years so I was quite taken aback. Then he proceeded to tell me that he works with his Natropathic Doctor who is his cousin every week on his health and she told him that she couldn't believe the transformation she saw in him after one hour session with me. She said, "Kristen Tenpenny is truly amazing, you need to go back to her, you NEED to get another session!"

I've never even met this woman, so I was pretty shocked to hear this kind of statement. She noticed the huge changes and shifts from within him right after our session and is lucky enough to see him every week to know that it was significant.

So with that said, he is getting me to go to St. Pete area today to give him a one on one ans offer mini sessions for people to try at his place around 5pm-8pm.
Let me know if you'd like to try it out!

I feel absolutely honored and excited that people who have been in my field for so long and experienced so many people and ways of healing notice a drastic and permanent change in the healing energy offered by coming to my healing.
I know that when people come to me, they are really ready to change, heal, and let go of some things that have been holding themy back. So it's not me, it's then being ready for the energy I hold for them. ;)

With that said, do I have permission to download in you that you know how to feel ready and strong enough for Divine transformation. And to let go of anything less than Pure Love without conditions in the greatest and highest time ans way without feeling overwhelmed or through pain, but with grace, ease, and joy? :)

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny