Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Keep your eyes on me

The kingdom of Heaven is at hand.
Keep your eyes on me.
I am the Truth, the Way, the Light.

How do we incorporate Jesus' teachings to lean upon him and put the Presence of God first?

Whether you are experiencing difficult emotions, physical health issues, or harsh environment and people, haunting memories, or anything else that makes you feel less than your best.. this is a focus, a perception, a living in a parallel dimension separate from God.

Paul mentioned that our fight is spiritual and not of this world. (2 Corinthians 10)

God wants to use each of your unique expression to touch you, experience love and Union with you and to also be able to reach others and touch others; to draw them closer to Love and Grace. This could happen through a hug, through encouraging words, through seeing an art piece, through getting great food and service, through a hair cut.. We could be nourished and touched by the Holy Spirit in so many ways!

There are temptations, lies, and forces working to keep us from our full power in God's love. There is a dimension of lower and negative energy (Satans/ devil, jealousy, rage, envy, selfishness, etc) that wants to thwart the flow of blessings and Oneness with God's guidance and flow.

If you see it as 2 energetic dimensions that are both living here and battling for your attention.. maybe you can recognize which one you're in at any given moment.

In God's presence, the Devil and his manipulations are irrelevant. If we are in the demonic or lower dimensions we may think we need to fight, argue, lie, steal, manipulate, or convince someone or something to allow us to Be Who We Are. Or for them to "allow" us to live out God's plan of freedom and Joy! We may feel like we need to ask permission, tame the beast, walk on eggshells.. work ourselves and lives around not being attacked! Avoiding.. not rocking the boat.. people pleasing.

If GOD directly gave you a gift in the way of a person, talent, heart's desires, relationship, ability, blessing, money, opportunity, experience, and so on.. it is no one else's business for you to justify taking and using the gift! The devil has a lot of people and ways to make you feel like you're not good enough or trick you into believing the gift will hurt you. Or your gift will make others feel bad. Or you're obligated to give it to someone else or sacrifice it for someone else.

The devil has a lot of opinions about you not having your gift from God. But it isn't his gift to give or keep from you. his thoughts and desires for you  how you use your life force energy, talents, and passion are truly irrelevant! Look to God and take your blessing and use it! (You do not owe anything to have a gift from God, our Source is infinite!)

That is why Jesus says: look at me.

Because even in the midst of whatever you are facing, in God's energy, the devil is irrelevant. You don't have to prove worthiness. You don't have to ask for permission. God granted us and Jesus showed us the command and authority we have over the Devil or lower Energies.

When we step into the dimension where we see the face of Jesus or feel the Holy Spirit surrounding us, we take back the authority of our lives and commit to living in the flow of Christ. 

Use your imagination!!! Step out of the world of devils and into the heavens of our Father/ true nature. 

Align yourself and get good at it!! Find a trigger that puts you back in God's grace! It could be the words "love, joy, grace, gratitude..." Whispered softly from your heart. It could be a feeling, it could be a prayer, it could be the image that appears when u think of Jesus Christ and ask him to come, it could be music.. 
Then from this place, (seek ye the kingdom FIRST, then all else shall follow) when you speak, The words will be an assertive/ loving authority to take back the reigns and remove any strongholds or chains including guilt or fear that the Darkness has had on you. 
'You cannot treat me this way' will be heard and the way to be treated will also flow from your mouth or presence. 
'Do not speak to me like that' will be followed by how to speak to you. 

You won't be begging or convincing or even teaching. You will will standing tall with the army of God behind you. And it is rule.

Standing strong in the presence of the Lord- Jesus Christ, for he has done the ultimate act of Love and all Darkness flees from Him.

Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny

Friday, September 21, 2018

How does it work?

I've been in the midst of the worst things in humanity. The perspective I have is that it as get to witness it, it is wonderful because it gets to be healed and resolved. I do not look at the thoughts, feelings, or past as definitive of who someone is, but what they are letting go of.
So, you feel peace with me because I do not judge it, I am excited to see it be resolved and that we were able to find and reveal it!

I am happy to see what you have song so much of your life trying to hide. I am not turned off by your vulnerability. I am humbled and honored to see it as God's beauty and Grace freeing you from a limitation.

How "it" works: I receive The Lord's guidance every step of the way, how it would help you the most. Usually putting the bowls on your body and playing them which will reveal and pinpoint what is best to work on at that moment. I hold space and guide you into letting it go by asking you for permission to either remove a trauma or bring forth an aspect of God's energy that your cells have been rejecting and calling foreign such as peace, unconditional love, joy, how to live without trauma, knowing what it feels like to love yourself, working on what God needs you to understand about being worthy of God's love, etc..

But each session is unique as the when words and unfoldment that will impact you the most. Maybe I will need you to energy test statements so you can witness them change throughout the session. Maybe we will need to trace your meridians. Maybe I will see things that have happened in your past, childhood, or past life/ ancestors that is deeply creating undesirable patterns you've been living out. Maybe I will guide you into creating new patterns. Maybe I need to cover my hands over a certain place on your body, or maybe run ACCESS BARS by gently touching certain places on your skull. There are so many ways and even new ways God can and will touch you.

Over the phone and distance healing is very visual and people have felt and seen energy in ways they have never even come close to on a phone session. We've cleared dark energy and associations. We've removed curses. We've brought back fragments of their souls! God has helped people let go of toxic relationships. God has ignited forgiveness, compassion, acceptance. God answers your prayers, but usually deeper than what you thought was what you needed or wanted.

Many people worry their negativity or pain would hurt me during a session. I do not take it on or even take it out. It is not I, but 'Our Father In Heaven'- the great I Am - the Divine Master who embodies all of us.. who does all of the work. I can do or give nothing of myself, it is not me that you are needing. It is the Space and the Matter, the Infinite which can fill, fulfil, redeem and restore you. So I am never hurt, in fact it is a gift to be apart of the wonderful workings of Christ and be healed by it too. So, thank you, for letting me.

I've spent the last 10 years of my life witnessing/ facilitating healing for myself and others. Building my own faith and somewhat of an understanding through so many different modalities, so that my faith and connection can be strong enough for both of us. Healing and transformation of God doesn't need you to understand or even believe. But you will certainly notice a change! And that is so fun!

But don't just take my perspective, here are the words of many that have received:

Glory to God the Highest!

Pure Love surrounds you,
Kristen Tenpenny

A description given from a client who received many phone sessions: 

-Anne-Marie Kearney (Mar. 2016) Tampa, FL.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

a prayer for the hopeless

I woke up at 4:30am this morning. Perfect timing for the lungs to be most open and therefore grief fully exposed/ processed. My whole body ached and I leapt into a fit of tears, provoked by nothing but the wave of emotions that suddenly appeared over me.  Vibrational and resonate discomfort sunk into my bones. The pains of this world suddenly felt unbearable, all at once. 

Sometimes I feel like a colorful fruit bird looking for a tree to nest and eat from... but all of the trees I see, no matter how far I fly, are on fire or covered in black mold. Dreary, I know. 

Bringing face to the onset of emotions I thought about how I do not like being on Earth as it is being murdered by the ones it feeds. How I couldn't stand to be a human, a part of a species that intentionally kills, rapes, or sells others (even their own babies) for their own gain or for the mere evil of it. 

Sometimes it feels like the world's evil is so much louder than the good. Even the people who I should be closest to because we have similar ways of expressing/ interests only pick my brain and gifts to imitate them and then go to the jobs I worked to get, to try to sell themselves there. Where is the authenticity of Goodness on this Earth? The humane kindness in humanity?

The river outside of my door is normally aqua blue. The water perfectly clear on top of white sand. It brought me so much peace and healing. Soothing like a mother's rocking to fall asleep. I went out on the canoe a few days ago and it looks like people leaked millions of gallons of soda. The water was seeping brown and oil. Dismay. Shock. I actually felt lost and disoriented. 

So I felt, and cried, but now what? That is a hole that can go infinitely deep and I have gone far enough. I get the point. Earth and humans are crying out for health and love! 

If I see it, I can change it. 

So I pray: 
God, the almighty, most high in heaven, in the name/ presence of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, it is commanded to heal and restore the waters, the trees, the life of this beautiful planet. Heal the root causes of it's destruction and uncreate and destroy those ways and habits now! Heal humanity and bring each individual into their loving kindness, their true and authentic nature's in Christ. 

I ask for forgiveness. 
I ask for forgiveness for rape,
For hate, 
For anger-leading actions, 
For selfishness,
For disregard, 
For mistrust, 
For unforgiveness, 
For pain, 
For darkness, 
For evil,
For pollution,
For neglect,
For war,
For greed, 
For gluttony,
For theft,
For lying,
For cheating,
For harming,
For lack of caring,
For lack of taking responsibility,
For dishonor,
For disrespect,
For destruction of your Good.. 

I pray that the well being of Life Force energy, this Earth, and it's natural resources be more valuable than the monetary value and life of a corporation.

Thank you God for your forgiveness. Heal us and let us see the purpose of co-creation and harmony we may choose. Help us to choose You.
And so it is! Thank you God. Amen.