Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How to recognize you or your marriage is under attack

Doom. Overwhelmed. Fight or flight. Giving up is the only option that makes sense. No hope. Suicidal or violent thoughts. No sense of purpose. Loss of faith. Extreme. Helplessness.

The thoughts you have may seem real, logical, and over powering. It may seem like you are flooded with proof of why you should kill yourself, or leave your marriage.

When you feel good, you are a powerful child of God!

Sacred marriage as an oath under, with, through, and from God is protected and shielded by a beautiful golden energy of Grace and higher vibration.

In that state of union with your supportive Union Partner and God, you are unstoppable in God's army for Good! You are inspired, motivated, loved, and can do amazing things!

This is why there are people (sometimes unintentionally) and forces who literally want to stop you and bring you down. Steal away your joy and empowerment. Luckily, they are not as powerful as they make themselves seem.

I can help you rid those attack feelings and experiences in a session and realign you with your Grace under God when we look into what is the legal (by the laws of the universe) entry way that these negative energies were able to come in and manipulate you.

Power is in acknowledgement and then doing what needs to be done.

In a phone session, I can feel the feelings and hear the thoughts you and your beloved are having, even if you do not want to say them out loud. But most importantly, beyond reading you, I turn it to God and ask what can be done right then and there in a session with me, to transform and bring about our goal of synergy again.

I am inspired by my clients to write these because they were brave enough to seek and ask. The topics come up spontaneously in a session and when I say, you are thinking and feeling ___, ____, ____, & ____... And he is thinking and feeling  ___, ____, ____, & ____. The response I get back is yes, yes, yes, and yes with a sigh of relief. It is so healing in and of itself to be heard and understood without even having to explain.

You're not the only one under attack... Get the help you require! If you feel like I could help you, I do phone sessions for people all over the world and we get into the deepest darkest revelations for maximum shift in the name of The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Love surrounds you,

Kristen Tenpenny

Thank you God for the work you do through me.
Thank you God for bringing those who can truly benefit from a session with me and giving them everything they require physically, spiritually, emotionally, energetically, and in the Void that they need to make it happen in Your Divine Will, Timing, and Way. Then we arrive before you in humility and faith. Here We Are Lord!